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VMRelease™ V1.2, Visual Media Model/Property release now available on the iPhone.

Create Fast - Intuitive - Legal Releases
Forget the misplaced forms, throw away those leaky pens... let's put the pedal to the metal or better yet, put your digit to the screen and let VMRelease™ do the rest!

VMRelease™ was developed by an international Advertising/Commercial photographer working with a team of designers and mobile application specialists to create the worlds first legal digital release accepted by a world leader in image licensing. Until now there have been several iPhone model/property release applications that have promised more than they have delivered.

The VMRelease™ is serious about delivering a legal document that not only captures the models/guardians signature but also the witness and photographers signature. VMRelease™, created for professional photographers by a professional photographer, is the total digital solution for all image makers to create, capture, store and send model/ minor /or property release forms that will be accepted as a legal document in both Jpeg and Pdf formats.

Features include

  • Choice of Model, Minor or Property Release
  • Capture of Model, Minor or Property image directly via your mobile device
  • Fast and simple workflow that moves your shoot forward never backwards
  • Onscreen signature capture of all (3) parties via a simple touch of the screen
  • Customize the Release by adding your own Logo and Address details right there in the App
  • Jpeg / PDF automatically generated releases delivered to all parties included in release
  • Option to delete or send saved releases within App
  • Add International addresses - International Phone#, Zip/postal code and Country
  • Smart query input of info including DOB/Date/Gender/Ethnicity/Country/Property owner scroll wheel
  • Inclusion of users name, logo and signature in actual legal text of agreement
  • Email for support direct form the APP in the "Information" section


  • Legal – Legally approved and accepted industry standard electronic model/property releases in Jpeg and Pdf formats
  • Forward never backward – Clear, simple and forward workflow
  • Fast delivery – Automatic email delivery to all parties included within release
  • Auto Sign – Automatic inclusion of photographers/filmmakers name, logo and signature within final release
  • Capture 3 Signatures (as required by law) – Capture of all signees on final release
    (Photographer/Filmmaker - Model/Property owner - Witness)
  • Quick Reference via ID – All releases feature your own personal reference ID number for easy filing and fast retrieval

The Process

  1. Download VMRelease™ from the Apple App Store
  2. Tap on icon
  3. Profile Registration screen requires that you input your personal information for use on the required fields in the release.

Company name
Full Name
Street address
State / Region
Zip - Postal code
Tel # International code available
Company Logo - via camera or camera roll (see FAQ's for easy instructions on how to get your logo into the camera roll)
Signature - via on screen capture

Please note you are able to edit your profile at any time to update your address, telephone and email etc.

That's it! From this time on your details along with your electronic signature will be automatically populated in the required fields within the final release form. Now you can simply hand over your phone to your assistant or producer to obtain the rest from your talent while you focus on the job at hand.

Shoot Day

  1. Tap the VMRelease™ icon
  2. Choose Model / Property release
  3. Follow the forward process of each screen
  4. Review the final release on screen
  5. Tap send

Thats it!

The VMRelease™ will automatically email a PDF and Jpeg copy of the release to you, the Model/Guardian or Property Owner and Witness along with the opportunity to send to additional recipients from your "Saved" folder.

Back - UP

VMRelease™ automatically stores copies of all releases created within the "Saved" folder with a quick reference showing:

  • Reference Thumbnail image
  • Subjects Name
  • Release Ref #
  • Shoot Date
  • Shoot Ref

Send - Delete

VMRelease now offers the option to send or delete releases right there from your "Saved" folder.

Useful Tips to keep you moving forward!

  1. When using the auto scroll fields you will notice that if you want to use the default settings you will need to scroll off the field first and then choose the first field.
  2. When entering an international phone number be sure to add a "+" sign prior to the country area code. This is not needed for USA phone numbers.
  3. If at any time you want to go to a field hidden by the text pop up up window hit the return key and it will disappear.
  4. Please note all fields will need to be entered in each step to ensure all legal requirements are met.
  5. If you want to resend the release or delete it, just click on the "Saved" icon to view all your archived releases. To resend or delete click on the release.
  6. If you are in a location where there is no service your release will be saved in the "Saved" folder until you reach a location with service. You can also send and delete from this folder of all your archived releases.
  7. If you have any issues with the App go to the "Information" icon and choose support to send an email and a member of the VMRelease™ support team will be in contact with you within 48hours.
  8. Check out our FAQ section for more tips and answers to most questions!



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