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Are there any additional costs?

NEVER! Once you have downloaded the App you are able to create and send as many releasse as your fingers can generate, we at VMRelease unlike others believe in true transparency. There are no additional charges, simply pay the one time download fee for the app and after that all the releases are FREE!!

How do I get my logo into my VMRelease™ profile?

The easiest way to get your logo from your computer to your iPhone is to follow these simple steps:

  1. First create your logo in photoshop or place it in photoshop so you can resize it to fit a mximum of 295px wide at 300dpi.
  2. Save as a jpeg - medium quality is fine.
  3. Email the logo as an attachment to your iPhone email and choose to save the attached image - this will save your logo to the camera roll on your iPhone.
  4. Open up the VMRelease app and edit your profile to choose existing image and select your newly saved logo image.
  5. For best results keep the logo height at a minimum so if your logo is portrait do not fill up the entire 295px width.

What are the steps to create a release?

First set up your profile - this only needs to be done once as all your information is automatically populated into each new release generated. Please do note that you can update your profile at any time and all your new updates will be flowed into all new releases after the new profile updates are saved.

Now you are ready to follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Choose your type of release (model/property/minor) and enter all the shoot details (all fields must be filled out).
  2. Capture or use an existing image in your camera roll of the model or property.
  3. Enter all information details of the model/property or minor/guardian.
  4. Model/property owner or guardian previews release and signs right there on the screen.
  5. Witness previews release, enters their name and signs right there on the screen.
  6. Choose send (Release is automatically generated as a jpeg and PDF and attached to an email to both the photographer and the model/property owner or guardian).

Useful Tips to keep you moving forward!

  1. When using the auto scroll fields you will notice that if you want to use the default settings you will need to scroll off the field first and then choose the first field.
  2. When entering an international phone number be sure to add a "+" sign prior to the country area code. This is not needed for USA phone numbers.
  3. If at any time you want to go to a field hidden by the text pop up up window hit the return key and it will disappear.
  4. Please note all fields will need to be entered in each step to ensure all legal requirements are met.
  5. If you want to resend the release or delete it, just click on the "Saved" icon to view all your archived releases. To resend or delete click on the release.
  6. If you are in a location where there is no service your release will be saved in the "Saved" folder until you reach a location with service. You can also send and delete from this folder of all your archived releases.
  7. If you have any issues with the App go to the "Information" icon and choose support to send an email and a member of the VMRelease™ support team will be in contact with you within 48hours.

Why do I need a Release?

A release is a agreement between you the photographer / filmmaker and the person you are photographing, or the person who owns the property you are photographing. The purpose of the release is to protect you from any future lawsuits the person might file for claims such as defamation and invasion of privacy.

What is a Model Release?

A model release says the person being photographed has given consent to be photographed and to the use of the images you capture. It doesn’t just apply to professional models or situations where people know they are posing for photos. You should seek to get a signed model release any time that your photos contain recognizable images of people, unless you are certain that you will never want to use them for anything other than editorial purposes.

What is a Property Release?

A property release says that the owner of a certain property, such as a pet or a building, has given you consent to take and use images of the property. You don’t need one for public property, such as government buildings (although you may run into problems just from photographing them, for security reasons). But for images of private property — and particularly of objects that are closely identified with specific people — you are safer if you get a release.

Should I Back-Up my Releases?

YES! The releases you obtain and create should be saved forever and should be linked in some way with the photographs to which they relate. You can expect to be asked to produce them whenever you license an image, and you will need them if you ever have to defend yourself in court.

Has VMRelease™ done their homework?

YES! The creators of VMRelease™ took the additional time in the creation of this application to make sure that the final releases would stand up in court and in doing so worked closely with a legal team in New York City, for over 12 months to make sure you the user would be secure in knowing that this App is not a Application simply to make your digital workflow quicker and smarter but to also provide you with a final release that is truly accepted and approved by an industry leader.

VMRelease™ is a legally accepted electronic form of a release contract between you the photographer / filmmaker and that of the subject.

VMRelease™ speeds up the process of obtaining the required information for legal purposes by acquiring the following:

a. Three (3) Signatures as required by law. (Photographer/Filmmaker, Model-Subject-Property and Witness)
Please note the Witness cannot be the Photographer/Filmmaker.

b. Image of ( Model-Subject-Property-Animal) must be applied to release prior to a witness signing.

c. The (Photographer/Filmmaker) business header/logo and address contact details.

d. A Jpeg & PDF digital version of the release form is generated along with a ref# for filing and quick reference.

Why use VMRelease™?

  • Full release capabilities right there whenever you need them.
  • No need for any additional time spent scanning form to apply image of Subject.
  • No more trying to decipher the subjects bad penmanship.
  • No more contacting subject for missed information.
  • No more searching around for the crumbled forms (remember these contracts are as valuable as the actual images – without these you are unable to legally use the images).

Are there plans for an android version?

We are exploring the possibilities for a future android and iPad2 VMRelease™ App.


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